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How often will I receive shopping?
This can be decided between you and your volunteer, although we would advise aiming for a maximum of once a week.
What type of people volunteer?
All different types of people, from all different backgrounds and across all ages over 16. What they all have in common is that they want to help support older people in their local area.
Do I invite the volunteer into my home?
It’s entirely up to you. If you want to just accept groceries at the door then that’s absolutely fine, but we also understand that there may be reasons why the volunteer would need to enter your home e.g. mobility issues, help with unpacking.
Does Food Train charge for this service?
Yes, Food Train has an annual membership fee of £1 for the year and this will entitle you access to our services. We also charge a service fee of £5.00 per shopping delivery.
What shop can I get my shopping from?
This can be decided between you and your volunteer, depending on what stores are available in your local area and what your preference is.
How do I pay for my shopping?
You should never give your volunteer any money. The volunteer will provide you with your receipt and a Food Train staff member will arrange to collect payment from you. When you sign-up for the service, we will agree the best payment method that suits you.
What background checks do you carry out on the shopping volunteers?
We have a strict vetting process for all volunteers that involves a PVG criminal record check, ID check, induction session and ongoing training and support.