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Our Connects shopping service connects each of our customers with a volunteer living nearby willing to support them with the weekly task of shopping. Our volunteers collect shopping lists weekly on an agreed suitable day, do the shopping and deliver to their customer’s home using their own transport or on foot.

To access this service there is a £1 membership charge renewed annually and a £7 per shopping delivery charge to allow Food Train to cover our administration and volunteer expenses costs. Food Train deals with all payments, therefore no money should change hands between volunteer and customer.


Shopping Friends FAQs


How often will I receive shopping?
This can be decided between you and your volunteer, although we would advise aiming for a maximum of once a week.
What type of people volunteer?
All different types of people, from all different backgrounds and across all ages over 16. What they all have in common is that they want to help support older people in their local area.
Do I invite the volunteer into my home?
It’s entirely up to you. If you want to just accept groceries at the door then that’s absolutely fine, but we also understand that there may be reasons why the volunteer would need to enter your home e.g. mobility issues, help with unpacking.
Does Food Train charge for this service?
Yes, Food Train has an annual membership fee of £1 for the year and this will entitle you access to our services. We also charge a service fee of £7.00 per shopping delivery.
What shop can I get my shopping from?
This can be decided between you and your volunteer, depending on what stores are available in your local area and what your preference is.
How do I pay for my shopping?
You should never give your volunteer any money. The volunteer will provide you with your receipt and a Food Train staff member will arrange to collect payment from you. When you sign-up for the service, we will agree the best payment method that suits you.
What background checks do you carry out on the shopping volunteers?
We have a strict vetting process for all volunteers that involves a PVG criminal record check, ID check, induction session and ongoing training and support.

If this sounds suitable, we would love to help. Please call our office on 0141 551 8118 or click the button below and we will be in touch shortly.

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Phone Friends

Food Train Connects Services

Phone Friends connects an older person with a volunteer Phone Friend for a regular blether on the phone, a check-in on their wellbeing, an opportunity to share any concerns and importantly a chance to share a laugh or two. Phone calls can take place weekly, fortnightly or less often if wished.

If this sounds appealing, please complete the referral form.

There is no charge for this service, you will just be asked for your £1 annual Food Train membership fee.


Phone Friends FAQs


How often will I receive a call from my phone friend?
The day and time will be arranged and agreed between you and your phone friend. The frequency can either be weekly, fortnightly or monthly if you prefer. We will check in with you both after your first call to make sure you both had a good experience. If you decide that you would not like to continue with this phone friend, we can cancel the match and pair you with someone else.
What will we chat about?
This can be decided between you both, but initially you can tell each other a bit about yourselves, your family and your interests. Over time your calls will become a natural follow on from the last conversation. It is a chance for a catch up and a bit of a laugh.
Who will call me?
All our phone friends volunteers have offered their time to support an older person. They are all ages and from all walks of life. They are friendly, chatty people and have been vetted by Food Train.
Where will my phone friend be located?
All our phone friends are within Scotland. Generally, we will match you with someone in the same part of the country, as this allows for conversation using local knowledge.
Will they visit me at home?
Your phone friend has been recruited to the role that involves making phone calls. We do not ask them to visit or to meet up with you.
Does Food Train charge for this service?
No, you will be just be asked for your annual £1 Food Train membership fee.

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